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Our company.

Our history

NIREUS was founded in 1977 with the object of manufacturing plastic boats. The build quality and reliability that distinguishes them offer security in the navigation even in the most adverse conditions of Greek seas.

In 1990 the shipyard transported in privately owned facilities in the region of Agios Vasilios, (Rion), a region near the city of Patras.

Our years of experience (March 2017 indicated 40 years of operation), strengthen us to envision the future with optimism. A future in which NIREUS shipyard will continue to play a dominant role in the yacht industry in Greece and abroad, as from 2015 onwards, our boats are exported to various European countries and China with great success.

Finally, the company wishing to pay the respect befitting to the environment has developed among others environmental impact considerations.


Standards & Warranty

Our 40-year experience, guarantees the manufacture of high quality boats, caring only for the best possible results.


The shipyard’s facilities were designed in such a manner as to accurately and strictly meet European standards of manufacturing, equipped with installation license and authorization from Achaea industry address.In the production area, temperature and moisture control systems are installed, as well as ventilation systems, composing thereby the best production and working conditions.

European Standards

For the best control regarding production are available:
Department of Plastics, Mounting Section, Department of carpentry, Electrical and general equipment installation department, Outboard engine mounting section and Finishing section.
All our vessels are manufactured according to European standards and come with CE certificate.


Our ultimate goal, following the developments of modern shipbuilding and at the same time the values ​​and ideals of our company, is the construction of polyester boats, which are governed by 3 basic principles:

Durability – Safety – Quality of Construction.

These elements have made thousands of our customers to prefer our products and trust us over time. We will continue to invest in these elements in the future, maintaining the standards of NIREUS boats at high levels.

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