Why Choose Us?

Our 40-year experience, guarantees the manufacture of high quality boats, caring only for the best possible result.


All our models are built for more than 40 years in strict accordance with the most stringent specifications.

European Standards

All our vessels are manufactured according to European standards and come with CE certificate.

Strength, Safety, Quality

These are the elements which made thousands of customers to give preference to our products and trust us over the years.

About Us

NIREUS was founded in 1977 with the object of manufacturing plastic boats. The build quality and reliability that distinguishes them offer security in the navigation even in the most adverse conditions of Greek seas.

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Our variety selection of boats allow you to have precisely the type of driving experience you wish. Contact us to provide you with more information about the boats.

Latest News


Belgian Boat Show 2018

NIREUS BOATS shipyard at the Belgian Boat Show 2018 (02/10


Boot Düsseldorf 2018

NIREUS BOATS shipyard at the 2018 Düsseldorf Boat


Athens Boat Show 2017

NIREUS BOATS shipyard at the Athens Boat Show 2017 (11/23

I rent boats and from the beginning Nireus won my trust and I have not regretted my choice

Giannis -

Excellent boats

Fotis -

I’ve changed three boats so far and my choice always remains, Nireus

Manos -

We love, we choose, we trust

Maria -

Excellent navigation and quality of construction

Giorgos -

Only Nireus !!

Kostas -

465 – Nice and steady cruising without bowing and great response to maneuvers at cruise speed.

Spyros -

Ω53 ELEGANCE – my boat!!!! Love it.

Nikos -

Ω53 ELEGANCE – Beautiful in terms of color, design, quality and 100%, like all Nireus boats, great at sea.

Makis -

I’ve had 3 boats so far. All of them NIREUS. Each one of them better than the previous one. Now I see the new ones. MARVELOUS. Well done lads. Well done.

Vasilis -